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Halla The Brand

Story behind the designer Halla and her creations:

“ I always knew that I wanted to start my own brand, which is what lead me to study fashion. In 2018, I completed a fashion design course at Central Saint Martins University in London, UK and then went on to studying Fashion and Textiles at NSCAD University from 2019-2020. My family has been in the textile industry for the past 3 generations, and I hope to be the fourth. I am currently working alongside my father at our company where I develop pattern designs for the textile prints, and I am hoping to further develop my brand. As of right now, I am studying business entrepreneurship at Dalhousie University to create a strong base of business knowledge for my brand.

My first collection, Capture, is a series of photographs that I took during my travels. Each photograph is taken in a different city and it is paired with a line from a poem written by a poet from the city, in the photograph. Above the photograph, are the coordinates of where the photo was taken. This collection is significant to the brand because your individuality is built on your experiences, places you have been, and people you have met. I am who I am because of all the places I have visited and I wanted to share that experience with you, which is how this collection came together.”


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